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Brittney sitting near fireplace with glass of wine

Glass Goat Soy Candles was founded in 2017 at my parents' apiary on the St Lawrence River. I moved to the Pacific Northwest that year and began hand pouring all my candles in Seattle. I now live in Rochester NY and pour my candles in my studio here. I use inspiration from both upstate New York and the PNW as an inspiration and guide for my fragrances. 



At Glass Goat Soy Candles, I create hand poured, 100% soy wax candles in reusable vessels. The fragrances are blended in-house from a combination of essential oils, perfume oils, and natural fragrance oils, and are meant to evoke strong scent memories while creating new ones. Glass Goat has a strong focus on sustainability, using only sustainable soy wax, ethically sourced oils, and environmentally friendly production processes.

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